Small Group Online Coaching

Welcome to my Small Group Online Coaching Program!

This 52 Secrets for Singles program offers 4 quarters going from Level 1 to Level 4 that you can do consecutively through a year (52 weeks) or choose to start your next level when you are ready to move forward.
These are 3 month programs that will allow you to learn and grow from others, learn several educational pieces that will prepare you to fully LOVE the love of your life, identify and  break through limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns of heartbreaking relationships, replace old destructive belief patterns and habits with new healthy ones so you will attract your soul mate and enjoy the relationship you deserve.
This online coaching experience helps singles dispel hidden secrets in their lives that are holding them back from becoming the person they really want to be. It’s not about finding the person. It’s about BECOMING the person. This is the hidden secret to attracting the soulmate they have always desired. 
In my coaching sessions, I use a “Life Balance” tool that pinpoints specific areas to focus on as we create a more balanced you. 
I also offer “52 Secret Cards” to encourage and guide singles with specific actions steps that guide you forward in your journey to a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship.
If this is the right program for you email me to set up a complimentary meet and greet session! $537.30 / 3 months.